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The contribution of Gurgen Dalibaltayan in the establishment and development of the armed forces of the Republic of Armenia is invaluable. His name is inextricably linked to the preparation and implementation of major combat activities of the Artsakh war.
As the first Chief of Staff of the RA Armed Forces and many years chief military inspector of the President of the Republic, the outstanding military leader gave his wealth of knowledge and experience for the victory of our national liberation struggle and the Armenian army.

Serge Sargsyan
President of the Republic of Armenia


I knew Colonel General Gurgen Dalibaltayan in the years of service in the Soviet army. He was a classical Military: reserved, taciturn, without pathos and virtuosity, extremely hard-working, selfless and dedicated. He was the kind of person who loves his country without words, avoids demonstration of that. However, under the cool, level-headed, unemotional man the infinitely loving heart to his homeland was concealed.

When, in 1990 I was appointed to serve in Siberia, it turned out that G.Dalibaltayan previously was commander of our division. You should have seen the homage towards him, words of honor. And that respect and credibility from the first day passed me as his compatriot. And I was so proud! I was still quite young, but the lesson of upholding the honor of the nation firmly settled in my heart.
This quiet and faithful man had a huge role in the liberation of Shoushi, and generally in the Artsakh war. His death was a great loss for our armed forces. Just one thing I want – that his image becomes an example for rising officers of the Armenian army, that the younger generation of officers is educated with his way.

Vladimir Hayrapetyan

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