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Excerpts from the interview of Vahan Ishkhanian with General Gurgen Dalibaltayan in 1993.


– What strategic objective pursued taking of Kelbajar?

– The aim was to create a reliable communication between Karabakh and Armenia, as Lachin was in a difficult situation, it was surrounded by a large force of the enemy. And it is the shortest way to Karabakh. In short, historically scattered particles became united.

– Is it possible to protect this area?

– In terms of politics, I can not say. But on military and strategic point of view, we should and must defend. Mrav top is a veritable fortress, and one small military unit can protect the entire area. In addition, it is our historic homeland, in many places you can see our khachkars – cross-stones.

– In Kelbajar region there was a large population of Azeris. How the Armenian soldiers treated them?

– Azerbaijanis realized that the Armenian soldiers are not so, what they have read or heard. There are many who do not want to leave their homes. Many Azerbaijanis, when they see us, they make cross, kiss our hands. Our soldiers are humanists, they came here only for fighting. None of Armenian soldiers trample the dignity of any Azerbaijani.

“Zinvor”, April 22, 1993.

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