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In memory of Major GARIK ARMENAKYAN

You’re my friend, like the rest of my friends, whom I see every day in the editorial office for many years and never think how much space they occupy in my heart and in my life. And your place is empty now, and we are all so stunned, because this sudden emptiness is so great that heavy silence descended on the office.

We are gathered around your table and remember… Robert told, the day before you helped him to change the tire of your machine. Vahe remembered that when you were on duty, you ate our ice cream, and the next day put in their place 4 instead of two. And I’m showing a bottle of water that you gave me and promised that every day for me this bottle full of water you’ll put in the fridge… What yesterday seemed a trifle, it has now become so important…

You just were a friend of mine, and for me it does not matter how many times you climbed up to the positions, how many photos you made in the sights of the enemy, how many stars are on your uniform.

You’ve been a part of our day, the color of life, the lack of which we will always feel. In our polyphony (when we gather all together) we shall seek your voice, miss your jokes…

Let your soul be in the Light…


Category: #33 (1102) 27.08.2015 – 2.09.2015, Destinies, Spotlight