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Recently, as a result of the enemy’s sabotage invasion in the direction of one of the northeastern military units of the NKR Deacon Hovhannes Galstyan, which carries a spiritual service in the military unit and the driver, private Arthur Balayan were injured.

– Every morning, on the car we are carrying bread for the soldiers. Deacon was sitting next to me in the car where two other soldiers were, too, – says Arthur. – Suddenly, shots were heard. Deacon and me were wounded. Azerbaijanis tried to surround the car, they were shooting. I realized that I can not stop, and with all the force pressed on the pedal and drove with the fired tires. Only later we learned that the enemy mined this route. We just miraculously were saved.

Edita Melkonyan


– These fools can not even shoot, – I say.

– Yes, – replies Deacon Hovhannes Galstyan, – they fired 2,000 collets, but all four of us survived. I went into the army at my will. After completing Gevorkyan seminary I worked for several years in the Center of Christian upbringing, then decided, that I should be in the army, next with the soldiers. Driver Arthur was not taken aback, not frightened, the car with shot tires directed to the Turks. He gathered all his strength of mind and body and saved the lives of his comrades.

– And you had no weapons and body armor.

– I was armed with a cross, and no bullet touched my robe, I was wounded only in the forehead.

Gayaneh Pogosyan
Photo: Garik Armenakyan

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