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Well-known philanthropist Gerard Cafesjian (1925-2013) was born on April 26, in New York in the family of survivors of Armenian Geocide of 1915 in Turkey. In 1952 Gerard began his professional career at West Publishing Company as an editor on the legal issues. After several management positions he eventually became deputy executive chairman of the company.

In 1996 he founded the Foundation “Cafesjian Family” through which sent millions of dollars to Armenia for implementation of charitable programs. Now the Fund is headed by his daughter – Catherine Cafesjian Baradaran.


Cascade Complex and Cafesjian Center for the Arts

The first author of the idea of Cascade was architect Alexander Tamanyan, who wanted to unite northern and central parts of the city.

Cascade Construction began in the Soviet 1980’s, but was suspended in 1988. And only in 2002 Cafesjian undertook the restoration of the Cascade. In the next 7 years, the complex was completely renovated, and most of it has been changed and recreated in the art center.

The Center was opened in November, 2009 and Cafesjian Art Center still continues to show unique works of contemporary art, organizes lectures, film screenings for children and adults. Today Cafesjian Art Center has become one of the most important cultural attractions of Yerevan and takes about 1 million visitors a year.

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