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According to the plan of combat training of the armed forces, on August 7, a one-day methodical gathering of MoD departmental security chiefs was held led by Head of the Troops service and security of military service Department, Colonel Hayk Karapetyan.

The aim is to increase the methodical preparation level of the Heads of the departmental security, highlighting of the legal basis of the order of the departmental security at the Ministry of Defence and a detailed explanation of the functional responsibilities of the participants.

The specificity of the departmental security service is that at the beginning from the chosen civilians a division is formed, then for the protection of the objects guard groups are appointed from the same persons, who are not considered as servicemen but are civilian guards armed with guns, and the statute of garrison and guard services of the Armed Forces of Armenia is not applied to them but the RA labor legislation and departmental order of RA Defense Minister of 2013 regulating departmental security.

According to Colonel Karapetyan, implementing departmental protection in the system of MoD, the Ministry also solves a major social problem – the issue of employment. Already 700 families are provided with jobs.

Prepared by Lieutenant Colonel A.Mkrtchyan

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