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To ensure the safety of military service among the many activities, their essential role and importance have disciplinary companies operating on the principle of the garrison in the structure of the RA Armed Forces Military Police.

Interview with RA MoD Military Police Deputy Head, Colonel Hovanes Petrosyan

Combat training of disciplinary companies in a peaceful environment is a major component of everyday activities of military, which is organized by orders of the Minister of Defence “On the activity of the garrison disciplinary company”, “On approval of the list of disciplinary companies and strict daily routine.” The purpose of study is to prepare the personnel of the disciplinary companies to combined arms combat in difficult situations, training of high moral character and fighting spirit. Every day, from Monday to Saturday, 9 lessons for 50 minutes are held: 4 hours are given to physical training, 2 hours – to combined arms training ordinances, 2 hours – drill and 1 hour – the subject of public-state training. On weekends and holidays activities are carried out on a separate plan of the company commander.

Ensuring of personnel security is constantly under the control of commanders. For this a number of activities are held, in particular, the military of disciplinary companies are subject to detailed medical examination for wounds, tattoos, bruises on the body, daily outpatient examination, viewing of personal belongings for piercing and cutting tools.

Bagrat Movsesyan

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