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Recently commanders’ gatherings in a military unit under the command of Colonel A.Ohanyan were held, involving commanders of military units, separate battalions, divisions of military units and their deputies.

– The purpose of gatherings is to train officers in combat positions, perform combat duty – how a shift change is performed, what questions are needed to pay attention on, – said the deputy chief of staff of the battalion, Major A. Khachatryan. – The main thing is that during the Acceptance shift foremen of positions carry out them flawlessly.

– Only commanders with the necessary knowledge, who devote themselves to work, considering all the military affairs as primary and essential task, can successfully carry out combat missions, organize and direct sub-units, – says Colonel Aram Sargsyan.

Gnel Shahnazaryan

Category: #30 (1099) 6.08.2015 – 12.08.2015, National army, Spotlight