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The units under the command of Lieutenant Colonel Artyom Arakelyan, are included in field exercises in the shooting ground after Lieutenant General Christapor Ivanyan.

Acting deputy company commander, senior lieutenant Tigran Vardanyan conducted classes on tactical training on the topic “The attack of platoon in the absence of direct contact with the enemy.” It has been allocated three training places.

Other company conducted training on shooting. By the time of our visit, the first phase had ended. The soldiers received the following marks: 15 “excellent”, 8 “good”, 4 “satisfactory” and one “unsatisfactory”.

– The results are in general good, but much remains to be done towards the improvement of knowledge and skills, – said the battalion commander, Major Armen Bezhanyan.

In the tactical field of the training center “Asbarez” of the shooting ground after H.Ivanyan a battalion conducts trainings on the theme “The trajectory of live firing.” A company of another battalion in the training center “Tigranakert” conducted around the clock trainings on the theme “Live-fire of a platoon.”

– Before the live-fire the platoon necessarily holds tactical exercises around the clock: in the daytime – 2-4 hours, at night – 5-6 hours, – introduced Colonel Manvel Grigoryan.

Live-fire of the platoon was close to the real combat situation. Observers reported the attack of the enemy. By grenade fire enemy’s reconnaissance groups were destroyed, then rapid response team started to approach our positions from the rear, to strengthen them. The platoon was reinforced by tanks and prepared for the attack.

During the training sessions the soldiers besides acquiring the necessary theoretical and practical knowledge, improve their skills and mastery.


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