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Interview with head of the 8th Department of the General Staff of RA Armed Forces, Colonel Rustam Karapetyan

– The most effective means of maintaining secrecy and to prevent leakage of information have been and remain arrangements, and this has been our department’s work. The whole process of preservation of secrecy in the RA Armed Forces is governed by orders and directives of the Defense Minister and Chief of the General Staff. Unfortunately, sometimes such violations are identified, which are caused by lack of knowledge and low level of consciousness of the soldiers. And here the punishment is not enough. It is necessary to eliminate leak paths. For this purpose, we started to create propaganda posters, CDs, preparing lectures and spread them in the troops. In a short time it has given a positive result.

Computers, cell phones, with their advantages, are a major challenge in terms of maintaining secrecy. Many soldiers have no idea about the methods of investigation, therefore are getting acquainted with strangers in social networks they do not even suspect, who sit on the other side of the computer and ask seemingly naive questions.

Remember, for the enemy’s analyst-scout intelligence there is no unimportant information, and any “innocent news” could help him create a full picture of the situation.

I’ll note that now there is no difficulty in listening to a conversation on the cell phone, so I call on soldiers and their families, in the interests of security, refrain from discussing topics related to military service.


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