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It is common to say about the heroes that they come into the world, when they need to appear at a crucial moment for the people. And then? Yes, the heroes are immortal, but their posthumous fate is different: the name of one is always on the lips of the people, and the memory of others gradually fades away. And who would have thought that Davit Sarapyan’s fate would be of latters?

Melkumyan Evelyn wrote a book about Davit: “Dev: life, work, struggle”.

– The village Togh was Dev’s home village, and its liberation associates with his name, – says Evelyn, – but here you will not see anything resembling Davit, even his name was not mentioned on the day of the liberation of the village… Why?

It all started with the death of his only relative, his mother, academician Emma Sargsyan. She bequeathed her two-bedroom apartment (next door to the House of Radio) to Dev’s six comrades, hoping to turn it into a museum she gave them all his pictures, stuff, stories, works. However, the apartment was sold, and the archive was lost. Only those materials were saved which I took to prepare this book.

Another blow to the memory of the hero was carrying away the sign telling about him at the entrance to the school of Dzerzhinsky to the military training classroom.

But I did not believe that Davit’s story can have such a sad ending.

And suddenly I found out that one of the students of the Theater Institute made a film about Dev, defended his thesis, and girls named Anna and Narineh opened a FB-page in the name of Davit, organize discussions of his works…

Davit lives thanks to those who did not see him, did not know him, he is known only from books or articles.

Davit is not absent.
Soon it will be his 50th anniversary…


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