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Aghvan Chatinyan
Honored coach of the Republic of Armenia

In our memory is still fresh brilliant performance of the Armenian tank-men in international competitions on tank biathlon.

And what would happen if in the defense system of Armenia they will take the process of organizing and conducting of championships of infantry biathlon? Since unlike tank biathlon, its organization is not only easier and more accessible, but may be more common, and any soldier could, within his capabilities, participate in this kind of competition, especially since the shooting range and unlimited possibility of cross-ways allow to combine shooting and running.

At the world championships and the Olympic Games for many years consistently the winners were recognized Soviet soldiers with a wealth of experience of “patrol” competition.

Biathlon appeared in our country in 1961. When in 1961-1986 I led teams of the Institute of Physical Education, and the country, I was always aware of the invaluable “dignities” of biathlon, especially in the comprehensive training of soldiers and efficiency tactics. In a short time the Armenian biathletes, participating at the Games and the championships of the Soviet peoples, have become masters of the sport. As a coach of biathlon, I can say that the biathlon will greatly help the process of increasing physical and combat training of soldiers.

It is necessary to put into practice the infantry biathlon!

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