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Erdogan annuled the program “Zero problems with neighbors”

At the request of the editorial board of “Hay Zinvor” Candidate of Historical Sciences, Turkologist Hakob Chakryan summarizes the parliamentary elections in Turkey

– On the 25th selection of the National Assembly of Turkey the ruling party “Justice and Development” received 40.8% of votes. It’s not so much the defeat of the Islamists, as the president Erdogan’s, as he is trying to make the transition from a presidential to a parliamentary system. This is also the defeat of the party, the first time they have been unable to form a sole government. The reasons are many. Firstly, the fact that they support the jihadist terrorists in Iraq and Syria, when the NATO allies, including the US fight against the jihadists. The issue of membership of the European Union is suspended. Erdogan brought to zero relations with all neighboring countries, but when he came to power, he put forward the program of “Zero problems with neighbors”. Today, Turkey is in isolation: no embassies in Syria, Israel, Egypt, and with Iraq and Iran there are rather strained relations. Border regions were trading with these countries, and now they have lost it, and the number of unemployed reached 6 million 200 thousand, 17 million people are on the brink of poverty.

In the election the Kurdish “Peoples’ Democratic Party» gained 13.1%, but it represents not only the Kurds, but also protects the interests of Cherkez, Lazes, Armenians, Alawites. By the way, the party leader Demirtas Selahaddin on April 24 stated that if they come to power, Turkey will recognize the Armenian Genocide.

For the first time in half a century three Armenians passed in parliament, but I do not think we can expect anything from them on the Armenian issue, as they represent different parties. From the ruling party “Justice and Development” Armenian journalist Margar Yesayan got a mandate, from the pro-Kurdish «Democratic People’s Party» – Garo Palian, and from the opposition «Republican People’s Party» – Selina Dohgan.

With regard to the insignificant 0.35% of the votes of the party “Vatan” (Motherland), this is due to the personality of its leader: anti-Armenian activist Dogu Perinchek has close links with the bodies of national security of Turkey, which is not liked by the voter.

Interview by SH.STEPANYAN

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