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On May 9, Armenian servicemen took part in the parade on the 70th anniversary of Victory in the Great Patriotic War. 72 soldiers and officers marched through Red Square, reminding the world about the role of the Armenian nation to victory, providing the level of preparedness of the armed forces of the current Armenian state.



– 3 months before the trip to Moscow the preparatory stage began. First, we trained in the army regiments, then on the territory of the airport “Arzni”. On the second day of the trip there was a general rehearsal in the Moscow suburban site “Alabino.” Our delegation has been praised, Russian generals pointed out that the Armenian contingent is well prepared. They said – as always Armenian contingent is one of the best.

On May 7, after the general rehearsal, we received gifts as the best marchers. This inspired us, considering that the military groups of ten invited countries were either commandos or groups of honor.

From the participant-states only we took a battle flag – the flag of the Armenian 89th Taman Division, that had a tremendous impression on all. Many veterans, active military personnel, ordinary citizens came up, shook hands and thanked that we took a flag that was on the war.

We had many reasons to be proud. Our soldiers and officers during the parade proved themselves very well, and I say this in the first place as an expert and only then – as an officer of the Armenian army. Another occasion was when we learned that the composer of the song played by the military band at the end of the parade was Movsisyan.

Lieutenant Colonel SOCRAT VARDANYAN

– Every soldier in Moscow felt very obligated because we were representing our people, our army, our discipline. During the parade, we were able to correctly and accurately perform assigned tasks. The special incentive was that representatives of our country’s enemy walked before us. It obliges us to do each step clearly, balanced, and that came to fruition – we received commemorative medals of the 70th anniversary of the Victory and souvenirs. We saw there also a different drill step, especially by Chinese and Indians


– The night rehearsals were very interesting. Moscow was changing completely, especially when a troop of 16-17 thousand people was standing. You just imagine the days when the mighty armies fought against each other. It’s one thing to read the story, and another thing – to be in the center of the army, to feel this power!

It was a huge responsibility, we all felt it. We used every opportunity to improve our combatant step. We were especially pleased that our President was there and was very pleased with us. Imagine there was such great enthusiasm that we would like, together with the Russian military personnel, to greet the host of the parade – the RF Minister of Defense, to shout with them “Hurrah.”

We felt the force of the victory. The realization that you are the participant of something great and your relatives, friends, the President and the entire country is watching you, gives such power! It was a historic day, and we will remember it for a lifetime! We have shown that even though we are a small country, but we are strong!


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