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Veteran of the Great Patriotic War 100-year-old Gurgen Chughuryan was one of the guests of honor of the Victory Parade on Red Square in Moscow. Next to the orders of grandfather Gurgen an anniversary badge was added.

He was at the Victory Parade 5 years ago, on the 65th anniversary of the Victory.

– This time it was much more solemn, more luxurious and more crowded, more colorful – says the veteran. – But I am very impressed by the warm reception. People appreciate the feats of veterans and bow their heads in front of our suffering. They all came, smiled and congratulated. And this is the greatest reward! After Moscow I was sent to Sochi, where I was expecting a great surprise. I met with the chairman of the Board of Veterans of Sochi Alexei Vasilievich. When he saw me, jumped up from his seat, he did not believe that I was 100 years old. In my honor, there were a lot of people, they came here to see an Armenian veteran. But the most touching was the presentation of the icon, which Vasilievich attached to my jacket. I have not felt such warmth. I was back in the country where was born, and for whom I fought, where we were all equal citizens, were brothers, and there was no ethnic discrimination. That was our strength. Thanks to it, we have won the war.


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