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At the training grounds of RA MOD “Baghramyan” tactical exercises with combat fire are conducted involving soldiers of the military unit of north-east direction, and students of one-month officers’ courses of the Military Aviation Institute after A.Khanferyants.

We talk with some of the top military personnel.

MESROP SOGHOMONYAN. “We are ready to go on the battlefield just now…”

BMP-1 gunner Mesrop Soghomonyan performs charging-discharge gun training with grenades. He records an excellent result – 21 seconds.

– It is difficult to be a good soldier, – he says. – You must love the equipment you are trusted. Even if someone wakes me up, I will be able to perform my duties.

During these exercises Mesrop was awarded certificate of the command, he was recognized to spearhead of the study. “However, – he says – the most important thing is to shoot straight.”

The commander of the battery mortar ARMAN KHACHATRYAN: “If a soldier does not get tired, then he is serving bad.”

Arman is the famous sergeant of the north-eastern military unit, who from the first shot hit a target at a distance of 4500m.

– You know, the soldier must get tired, it’s natural, and if he does not get tired, so he serves bad… I serve 18 months and for the second time I’m here, I am used to.

DAVIT SAHAKYAN, Armen Mkrtchyan, one-month officers’ courses students of the Military Aviation Institute: “Less than 60 days, we will become officers”

Davit is an artist-teacher, and Armen is a graduate of the State Engineering University. After 60 days, they’ll become officers.

– My first specialty I got on the advice of my parents. But this one is to my liking. Initially, the teachers took me with skepticism, they might have thought – what an officer can be of the artist? And today I’m at the site, I shoot and quite successfully. As if I have become stronger and more self-confident, – says Davit.

Armen is a graduate of the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering SMI, he served a year in the army as a private. “And during that year, I realized that I wanted to become an officer – says Armen. – And today’s trainings have shown that my decision was correct.”


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