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Recently I visited the village of Khachen-Daget of Tetritskaro district in Georgia, where I spent my childhood. On my return, in the neighboring village Samshvildo I met my old friend, Ashot Kamalyan, who was once a rural teacher. He invited me to his home, and when we parted, handed me an old folder and said: “Please take, here are a few letters of soldiers-villagers who went to the front and died. These letters my parents and relatives have kept, and then gave me. And now I give them to you, and I ask – take them to Yerevan and read. If you find something interesting, publish in any newspaper. This way you do holy work to the memory of our fallen soldiers.”

In Yerevan I have long studied the contents of the folder, because these letters were written on pieces of paper of different sizes, by pencil or ink. From about 30 letters several letters I gave to the newspaper “Armenian Soldier” for publication. Those are letters of Mkrtich Kamalyan, Gigo Poghosyan, Mekhak and Gevorg Margaryans. This is the last words of their hearts, their advice, covenants, which now also touch the reader, and tell more about those long, hot days of the war.

Candidate of philology sciences

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