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We need to create our own model of information security

On May 26, at the administrative complex of the RA Ministry of Defense a conference was held on modern technologies and their application in the field of information security. The guests of the Minister of Defense Seyran Ohanyan were representatives of Microsoft.

In the conditions of the availability of information technology, information of a military nature in many ways become a target both in terms of obtaining, and in terms of the spread of misinformation, and in the “hybrid” wars those servicemen are suffering who do not pay attention to “Network Health”.

Threatening the servicemen risks in the information field were provided by expert in information technology Samvel Martirosyan. According to him, now in the information field, there are several key challenges.

“These are special days when Azerbaijan and Turkey reinforce information pressure on Armenia. For example, on April 24th. In addition, they continue their daily media attacks. Azerbaijani propaganda work against the military sphere has undergone some serious changes, i.e. Azerbaijani army has actually introduced censorship and forbid to publish any information about their losses, which requires a corresponding change in tactics in our field.”

Here in this case, the enemy begins target “hunt” against our troops from fake pages, conducting a friendly conversation with a certain military. Although fake can be immediately identified, but experts advise first to pay attention – where recordings were made, where the person was. In addition, sometimes these fakes can spread such a virus that can cause great damage to the computer, carrying a threat to the documents stored there. The military must remember that in the social network they are the first target of the enemy. They ask several militaries one question and comparing the answers, get the whole picture. You have to be very attentive to your own records and make sure they do not contain too much information.

S. Martirosyan stressed that the personal protection of a soldier depends not only on the military, but also on those of civilians, with whom he often communicates, who, not knowing and not being aware of the possible dangers, publish information that could make vulnerable their relative or friend – soldier or officer.

On the other hand, our society in basic question continues to succumb to provocations of the enemy, which is a consequence of insufficient education. So, today, one of the main tasks is to educate the society. We must not forget that the military and civilian spheres are very different. From the perspective of information security in the civil sphere there are many obstacles, since it is quite difficult to keep the balance between security, democracy and civil sphere.


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