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The ancestors of warrior-liberator, Yezid by nationality Asya Khatoyan emigrated to Armenia from Bolsen in Osmanian Turkey. In 1918-1920 they participated in the Battle of Sardarapat. She is happy with her ancestors, the heroes, who in the name of freedom, in the name of the land took up arms and fought heroically.

“In the family I was the youngest. I just graduated from high school, when the Artsakh war began. I did not understand how I appeared among volunteers, next to the Armenian brothers and sisters. My family was against it, but I had already decided. Most of all, my mother was going through. For a long time after I came back from the war, she did not talk to me. Perhaps the blood of my ancestors spoke too much in me.”

Asya has the opinion that people should protect the land and the country where their ancestors lived, where he was born, his children. “During one of the fights I lost my leg, but did not return home. I promised myself – to stay, to continue the fight. To bandage soldier – this is also a war. Many of my comrades fell, were wounded… Victory consecrated their shed blood, their names. In this war, we have gained Karabakh and in the war in 1918-1920 – the Republic of Armenia.”


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