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In a society in parallel with social norms, there are also “unwritten laws”. These rules, rooted for centuries, which sometimes help, but sometimes interfere with the state in the construction of the legislative field.

The most viable social norm can be considered a “code of honor”. People, especially young men, are ready to enter into a serious conflict with each other, even to use physical violence if someone insults his dignity or his relatives’. And they are trying to resolve this issue by “unwritten laws” that usually ends with a gross violation of human rights, and sometimes – a tragedy.

The structure of the armed forces involves an authoritarian style of government – with clear orders, regulations, regulation of every day. Anyone who goes into the armed forces, should follow and obey the requirements of the statute of the Armed Forces, regulations governing the daily life of the army.

An important requirement is also the formation of the rules of military ethics. In this regard, in recent years messages of the Minister of Defense to the personnel play an important role.

According to the adviser to the Minister of Defense, military expert David Jamalyan, observance of the rules of ethics and objectivity sometimes interfere with objective circumstances. “Everyday life of the officer is very tense, many days he can not see his family, his life is always under threat. Objectively, there is a tense situation, and this tension can be expressed through verbal aggression. All people have their weaknesses. Very tough issue has been put – in contact with the staff it is necessary to strictly adhere to the rules.”

In this regard, sudden visits of Minister Ohanyan to the military units and combat support points play an important role.

The Army is not outside of society, so it is necessary to introduce ethics, law-abiding and other human dignity before the call-up age. It is no coincidence that the Ministry of Defence has recently begun to work with the Ministry of Education and Science.


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