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Congratulatory Address by President of Talysh-Mughan Republic Alakram Hummetzoda to Talysh people on the occasion of the 70th anniversary of Victory in the Great Patriotic War.

My dear people!

I congratulate you on the anniversary of the Great Victory!

On May 9, 1945 the Soviet people hoisted the flag of victory in the heart of Germany – Berlin. At that time the Soviet Union was a great power. All peoples had equal rights and their role in achieving victory was evaluated. That time people were not valued on a national basis but on their merits.

Then there was the collapse of the Soviet Union, the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict. Sons of Talyshstan under my command went to the front. How many of them were killed? In this strange war for us heroism of none of us has been evaluated. And for us in a totally senseless war against the Armenians their blood was spilled unnecessary and pointless.

The artificial state of Azerbaijan treats us indifferent: there never were, and are not considerate to Talysh. Today, however, for the interests of this artificial state our sons are killed.

Dear compatriots! It was not our war! We have nothing to share with the Armenians. On the contrary, we have to fight against the invaders of our land, against our oppressors, who destroy our identity, drink the blood of our people.

Prepared by G.ASATRYAN

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