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Interview with leader of the Artsakh Diocese Archbishop Pargev Martirosyan. Recently, the archbishop was awarded the supreme title of “Hero of Artsakh”.

– Let us remember our history. Always priest was with the Armenian soldier.

– That is natural. Let’s remember Ghevond Yerets, Grigor the Illuminator, Nerses the Great, Khrimyan Hayrik, Garegin Catholicos Hovsepyants – during the battle of Sardarapat, Gevorg Chorekchyan – during the World War II, catholicoses Jalalyans who started the freedom movement from Artsakh.

– In your opinion, what should be the trinity of Artsakh-Armenia-Diaspora, its development prospects?

– 100th anniversary of the Armenian Genocide will be a new momentum in uniting and strengthening of our nation. We always have to be united. This is the key to all our victories. I welcome such initiatives emanating from the Diaspora as unions of jewelers, artists, architects, lawyers. Pan-Armenian games – is also very important. This year in June, a big dance group of 126 people from New York and New Jersey is coming from America on a tour to Armenia and Artsakh.

– Revival of Artsakh diocese coincided with the Artsakh movement. In your view, it was accidentally?

– I think that all is the will of God. When our movement started, we appealed to the Catholicos, to Moscow and Moscow allowed to open two convents and two churches. Here is a parallel. When in 428 the Roman Empire and Persia divided Armenia, we have lost our king, but Armenian Catholicos was there. At that time, the Persians allowed us to have the Armenian king in Artsakh, Outique and Aghvank. The amazing thing – in Mother Armenia, we have lost the king, and in Artsakh we had official King.

– Where did you get this strength and power, so the people trust you?

– There is nothing in this world without God. We live thanks to God. Since childhood, I’ve loved my people, wanted to see the victory of the Armenians… and saw the victory of Artsakh. During the Artsakh movement I have been at meetings at Opera Square in Yerevan. When I saw half a million people who do not trample on the grass, not tear branches, share with each other the bread, I cried with joy. It seemed to me that the Holy Spirit came down and my people became holy. People became united, honest, brave. Here it struck me.

– Your wishes to the Armenian soldier.

– I’m from the village Chardakhlu. For us the military is the highest class. And I always call – regardless of rank, position, profession – every Armenian should be a soldier of his people, the motherland. I am a soldier, too. Let our army will be eternal, which is the mainstay of our world, our faith, our identity. Good service!


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