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On April 24, in Yerevan and Istanbul parallel events were held: the 100th anniversary of the Armenian Genocide and the parade of the Battle of Gallipoli. This year, the denial policy of the Turkish authorities came to a climax, they were forced to falsify even the world history, moving the date of the Battle of Gallipoli to April 24th. Apparently Ankara wanted to overshadow events in Armenia. However, the Turkish venture failed. Turkey did not consider that the international community is faithful to universal values, that memories of the Holocaust, genocides in Rwanda, Cambodia and others are still fresh. This “show” was attended by the leaders of those countries that have or do not want to spoil relations with Ankara, or at one time were the performers of such crimes.

In this connection, Prince Charles’ presence at the celebrations looked ridiculous. Perhaps with this move London tried to resist its allies in the Entente -France and Russia, whose leaders have arrived in Yerevan. Ironically, in the Turkish event refused to participate Germany and Austria – its former allies.

The event of Gallipoli was no meaningful also by the made statement and adopted declaration. Both President Erdoghan and Prime Minister Davutoglu again used this platform for anti-Armenian statements.

It should be noted that besides Armenia, Turkey has no diplomatic relations with Egypt, Syria, the Vatican, Austria, Israel. Due to its policy of denial, Turkey began to have serious political losses.

“Recognition of the Genocide – this is not a tribute of the world to the Armenian people and its victims. Recognition of the Armenian Genocide is a victory of the human conscience and justice over intolerance and hatred, “- said in his speech President Serzh Sargsyan.

In Istanbul they tried to keep some kind of geopolitical balance, and in Yerevan – to state that there is nothing higher than life, dignity and freedom of man.

Therefore, events in Istanbul and Yerevan can not be compared.


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