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After tension on the Nagorno-Karabakh Republic – Azerbaijan contact line in July-August 2014 Azerbaijani armed forces are getting more and more active again. According to the NKR Defense Army, besides sending permanently the saboteur squads, using various firearms, 60 and 82mm mortars, the Azerbaijani forces, for the first time since ceasefire’s establishment, have begun to use 120mm caliber mortars. Azerbaijani Defense Minister Zakir Hasanov stated that “we have so many weapons and military techniques that due to its use the Armenians will not come to consciousness for hundreds of years” and that the “very first strike will destroy 70% of the enemy.”

We the “Hayzinvor” asked to comment on the current situation as well as such “bellicose” statement by the Azerbaijani DM Commander of an artillery unit of the NKR Defense Army Colonel Grigory Sahakyan and Commander of the Defense Region Colonel Sergey Shakaryan who are both experienced military, participants of the Karabakh War (1992-94).

Colonel Sergey Shakaryan

It’s been three months already I am Commander of the Military Region. We can say that my appointment coincided with the escalation of tension in this area. The next “adventure” of the foe was not a big surprise for us as we knew that they are more active in the time of conscription and demobilization, as well as special commando groups – the saboteurs, on their training completion, should “pass exam” at the border which (the “exam”), to note, they have permanently been failing – due to guard, being well-organized and excellent combat readiness of our officers and soldiers.

And this is not only the words: During these three months, servicemen of our military unit pushed back the Azeri saboteur groups, caused the foe heavy losses, demined the road in three directions. And just a few days ago one of our conscripts revealed a foe sniper when observing the area, who was preparing for the shooting, and destroyed him. The sniper proved to be commander of а reconnaissance squad.

And thes are the moments you feel that today’s generation is not worse than we the vets, and, if necessary, can fight even better than my generation. You know, if we have gained experience during the Karabakh War, they are learning today. We are ready for war, ready to deliver the smashing blow. And this time, too, we will fight for our Homeland, for our land, the house, for our families, and, in the name of what their soldiers will fight? Let Zakir Hasanov, having zero combat experience, think, first of all, about this before doing such delusional statements.

Nonetheless, we do not ignore Zakir Hasanov’s remarks, and even analyze them, make conclusions. But let me also say something: our counterattack will be so powerful that I do not know whether Hasanov has time «to digest» his оwn words?


Colonel Grigory Sahakyan

If in July and August there was no need of participation of the military unit yours truly have been commanding (though we were well-prepared to meet the foe – anti-tank means were set at the frontline and we just waited for a command to use them), in February-March, we were directly involved in operations by small-caliber mortar and anti-tank divisions. In that time we received o.k. for such measures from our Chief Commanders as the adversary used 120mm mortars vs our unit located at the North-East direction. Over the years, this is for the first time that the adversary used 120mm mortars, which, of course, exacerbate tensions and stresses Armenophobic policy of the Azerbaijani side.

And I must point out proudly that our artillery unit destroyed up to a dozen servicemen when counteracting the adversary. If we compare actions by the adversary and our servicemen, I, as a specialist, can state that our fire was more pinpoint, in many times, really, than that by the Azeris as we never have been launching mines randomly, all our shots have concrete targets.

I think if even we assume the situation as tense, concern on the resumption of large-scale military action seems an ungrounded one.

Our experience reminds us that before starting full-scale war the adversary implements sizeable preparatory works along the whole length of the border, announces total mobilization which are not observed at present. It’s natural that the Commander of the armed forces of a state that has been holding an aggressive policy should also «attack» by his bellicose statements.

Nevertheless, we do not ignore even such statements by Zakir Hasanov, analyzing them.

And they should have no doubt, even a smallest one than our counterattack will cause a final knock-out to them.

If you look at this issue globally, in my opinion, the intensification of the foe’s aggressive actions is reasoned mainly by geopolitical situation, especially Russia-West confrontation observed in the recent times. Azerbaijan is trying to prove that he is the master of the situation in the region. And it also tries to shadow the activities to mark the 100th Anniversary of the Armenian Genocide, upon its “elder brother” Turkey’s request.

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