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Conscript Haroutyun Melkonian was awarded the badge of “Brave soldier.” On March 12, during the implementation of observations, he found the enemy sniper and destroyed him.
Soldier Meloyan tells.

– The first day I did not see neither his face, nor height, nor weapons. But he was there, at a distance of 100m. His presence at the pivot point of the enemy had delighted Azerbaijani soldiers: all laughed loudly, cursed us, became more active, keep their hands out of the trenches. Maybe they were confident that soon their guest will deal with one of us. Lieutenant Manuk Baghdasaryan said that we did not shoot, it was a provocation.

I am a reconnaissance sniper. My father Agassi during the Artsakh war was a sniper, too. And here I am standing in the trenches and watch for someone whom I can not see. After three hours of waiting, when I had already lost hope, I discovered his black hat. I understood that I have the chance to just one shot. If I miss he’ll butcher me. I saw his head and pulled the trigger.

I didn’t kill a man, I have neutralized the danger of death. When I went into the dugout, guys hugged me, and I thought that today I have saved the life of one of them.


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