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That Talysh movement has become a factor of regional importance, there is no doubt. These people (about 2 million) in their home live without any rights. This country is Talyshistan, that in the fictional state called Azerbaijan is called the South Zone.

Americans who want to have their role in the region believe that the Talysh movement can be triggered by either Armenians, or Russians, or Iranians, but most of all they suspect Russia. They do not understand that the Talysh movement can be an independent phenomenon. It is no coincidence that American authors (Paul Goble, Bradley Jardini, Rayne McCarel) so often talk about the Talysh, their television, their fight. The main leitmotif of their writings is that the number of Talysh in Azerbaijan is from 80000 to 110000, and can not be the determining factor in political development.

A few days ago the last two authors made a new article – “How some ethnic group appeared in the center of geopolitical intrigue?” What’s interesting is that the article is silent about Talysh National Television, which immediately shows the customer of the article. In Azerbaijan it is prohibited to mention TNT.

Prepared by G.ASATRYAN

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