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Dr.Roudik Yaralyan, specialist on Iran

The agreement reached on April 2 between the countries “5 + 1” does not yet provide a final resolution of the Iranian nuclear issue. Open questions still remain, among them – the abolition of sanctions. Therefore, it is too early to say what role will take on Iran in the region after the final lifting of sanctions.

However, the fact remains that due to the successful completion of negotiations the level of Iran’s involvement in the Middle East conflict will be significantly increased. The balance of power will shift in favor of Iran which could upset Turkey and Saudi Arabia. It is no coincidence that before the Lausanne meeting these two states stood out for their anti-Iranian statements. The military actions provoked by Saudi Arabia in Yemen are just against Iran’s regional interests. So Saudi Arabia and Turkey as if tried to send a message to “5 + 1” countries that they do not put up with a more active role of Iran in the region.

The gradual lifting of sanctions against Iran naturally implies an increase in cooperation between Iran and the West in various fields, including energy. In this regard, Armenia, as the likely transit country for Iranian energy, may increase the scope for Iranian interests in relation to itself. Perhaps work on some bilateral projects will become more active, the terms for the projects Iran-Armenia railway and the North-South highway will be shortened and specified, the project of oil refinery construction on the territory of the Republic of Armenia, near the border of Iran may again enter on the agenda.

Interview by G.ASATRYAN

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