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The visit of President Serzh Sargsyan to China was quite eventful in terms of meetings, the signed documents, and in terms of making Armenia recognizable in Asia.

With this visit the Armenian-Chinese relations have been put on a new level of strategic partnership. We can say that this visit is our major foreign policy achievement of recent times.

More than a dozen documents on the development and strengthening of bilateral cooperation in various fields were signed. On the basis of their content can be said that the visit may be a turning point not only for our country but also the region as a whole.

With regard to cooperation in the military sphere, it has been achieved an unprecedented expansion in the form of training of military personnel, the provision of comprehensive military aid, etc., which is especially relevant against the backdrop of ever-increasing aggressive policy of Azerbaijan.

Of the signed documents we can highlight the memorandum on strengthening cooperation in the establishment of the economic zone of the Silk Road.

RA President has assured that Armenia and China will always be partners, supporting each other. the possible participation of Chinese private companies in projects of the North-South transport corridor, Armenia-Iran railway, construction of a new nuclear power plant in Armenia was discussed with the Chinese partner.

Armenia has chosen the direction of Eurasian integration, and in this regard the Silk Road is quite comparable to the economic process, representing strategic importance for our country.

According to the signed treaties and agreements reached, we can say that by this visit the Armenian-Chinese relations have been put on a new strategic partnership level, and Armenia has become an important civilizational partner of China in the South Caucasus region.

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