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In the world there are a lot of thinking people who do not question the fact that Armenians are the natives of the Armenian highlands, especially after the theory of Gamkrelidze and Ivanov. They proved that the ancestral home of Indo-European peoples (Aryans) is the Armenian plateau, from where they were scattered all over the world.

By the way, I’ll note that in 30 years prior to these outstanding scientists such opinion expressed Armenian historian, essayist, journalist Arshak Safrastian in his articles in English “Armenia, as the cradle of the ancient Indo-European language group and the Aryan race” and “Armenia, as the cradle of the ancient Aryan and Indo-European dialect” (2 and 6 May 1955).

Unfortunately, such treasures of thought remain in the archives, not published…

Another 100 years before these scholars, eminent German scientist anthropologist F.F.Lushan writes in his book, that the Armenian language is very close to the Kurdish and Persian and is considered a real prototype of “Aryan” language. He believes that the Armenian language is possibly close to the Hittite, and even it is the same. Lushan, citing his no less outstanding contemporary connoisseur of ancient history Eduard Meyer, he also connects the Sumerians with the Hittites.

He links the origin of the inhabitants of Mesopotamia, Palestine, Anatolia with the “Armenoid” type of “European” race. According to him, even before Arabs (Semites) occurred here, “Armenoids” lived in this territory, in short, people who came from the Armenian Highland. He believes that Jews are not Semites, but close tribesmen of Armenians, and from “Armenoids” a big part of modern Jews occurred.

According to American scientist Dr. Daniel Custer, Middle Eastern carriers of this gene probably lived about 4,000 years ago, when the peoples of Asia Minor were still living together, after Jews, Armenians and Arabs became independent.

The historical significance of this study is that there were genetic links between those nations who for centuries lived separately, e.g. North African Jews, Jews of Iraq, Armenians, whose anthropological type, thanks to that found in their blood gene is identical and has all the biological changes that are genetically common to all these people.

In Turkey, there are tens of millions of people with genetically Armenian (Armenoid) type. Priest Harutyun Pztikyan writes that Armenian-Muslims constitute 80% of the population of Central Anatolia. To these tens of millions of Turkified Armenians we can also add 7mln Cherkez who belong to the Armenian – Armenoid tribe by their origin.

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