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Son of Artsakh war participant Vardan Makaryan or “Shoto” Tigran Makaryan, following the example of his father, continues his patriotic duty, but in the spiritual realm.

– My childhood memories about my father are related to the field of battle. My father was in the war – and when I was born, and when my brother and sister were born. His image is always in front of me – with beard, rifle on his shoulder, – says Tigran whose father died last year.

Vartan (Shoto or Shota) was born in the village Marmarashen of Ararat region. From the earliest days was in the movement for liberation. In 1988 he entered the volunteer corps “Commander Andranik” and soon became the commander of the unit. He took part in the fighting in Noyemberian, Eraskhavan and Artsakh. Then he served in the 5th volunteer corps under the command of Manvel Grigoryan. Remained in the defense system until 1998, was promoted to major.

Tigran said the military memories of his father for the most part have been related to his fallen comrades.

– He always said – my friends are gone, I lost them and should join with them. He often traveled to Artsakh, this land was calling him. If you shed blood for the land, this land is extremely valuable.

Tigran is 23 years old, he is a deacon. He says that they are from Arabo clan. Most of his family were military, and participated in haiduk’s and Artsakh movements.

– As a new branch of a tree follows the root, so I did. There is no difference – this field of the fight, or spiritual? What passed from my father, ancestors – patriotism, consciousness of national values, helped me to choose my service rightly. There is no difference – God or homeland? The duty of every priest is to show his faith through his work. Homeland we can protect not only at the border, but also make it peaceful inside.

According to Tigran, each generation leaves its mark, and when the next generation comes, it should develop, improve the experience and values of their ancestors. In this regard, we must transcend the ancestors, and Tigran is sure that today there is a generation that appreciates and preserves national values and is ready to continue their work.

4th year student,
YSU Faculty of Journalism

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