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Country defenders-Yerkrapah in border communities of Armenia

Recently, a group of 1000 people from the defenders of the country-Yerkrapah visited all the military units of Artsakh, battle points. After summarizing this unique pilgrimage, chairman of Yerkrapah – General Manvel Grigoryan initiated the visit of three generations to the bordering with Azerbaijan military units and posts of Armenia.

Hundreds of teenagers, young people and the older generation had meetings with residents of Ararat, Vayots Dzor, Syunik, Tavush and other areas, with the soldiers who were serving in combat positions.

In the village of Khachik residents with love and pride welcomed Yerkrapah, and together put flowers at the memorial of perished soldiers.

And on the front line the “pilgrims” conveyed greetings of Hero of Artsakh, General Manvel Grigoryan to the soldiers and their commanders, as well as incentive awards – medals, diplomas and valuable gifts.

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