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Interview with Turkolog, PhD Hakob Chakryan

– What does this declaration mean for our state and nation?

– This is probably the most important step, which is made by Armenia towards the 100th anniversary of the Armenian Genocide. The core of our struggle will be the appeal to young people aimed at to resolve the Armenian issue, the need to eliminate the consequences of the Genocide and the retroactive application of the UN Convention, i.e. its application to the implementation to genocides conducted up to 1948.

The thing is that the Turkish side says that since the Convention was adopted in 1948, it does not apply to the events of 1915. But in this case, no country had to admit Holocaust of Jews.

All-Armenian declaration angered Turkey. Press Secretary of the President of Turkey said that the declaration violates all international norms, that it is an obvious manifestation of hostility to Turkey, and the Turkish Foreign Ministry said that the declaration is a flagrant violation of diplomatic etiquette and indecent behavior for the president of our country. Such promiscuity of Turkish authorities is already sufficient to ascertain the feasibility of this Declaration and to note that the document has already served its purpose.


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