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It is already the second month, that “Talyshistan National Television” is aired. 15 TV shows that have made an action of a bomb explosion in Azerbaijan. Today, Azerbaijan is facing a dilemma: to react to it, which is tantamount to adding fuel to the fire, or pretend that nothing is happening, but that is not possible, too?
Here are some thoughts of Talysh poet Zabil Madozh.

The expression “common house” is a good thing, even beautiful. Just I remember the home yard, garden, family and friends… For over 20 years I live in Russia, St. Petersburg. I lived mostly in communal apartments. And it was a classic picture of “common home” where all have equal rights and equal responsibilities, and conditions were the same for all.

Why do I say this?

Just I want to express my admiration and deep gratitude to the man who invented the concept of “Azerbaijan is a common home”. Sounds good, and it means that everyone in this House should feel relaxed, comfortable and protected – and the Turks, and the Talysh and Tats, and the Avars, and Lezgins, all…

But, unfortunately, the concept of “Azerbaijan is a common home” is a myth. In fact, this house belongs only to Azerbaijanis, and the remaining inhabitants live in the basement of the house, without electricity, clean air, water, and basic amenities. And of course, without the right to appeal.

Yes, in fact, a country with a fictitious name “Azerbaijan” is not a common home but prison of nations, prison of oppressed peoples, deprived of independence…


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