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NKR Defense Army’s plan for the following year has been already approved. The main task is to preserve the security of the people of Nagorno Karabakh. This was announced by NKR Defense Minister Movses Hakobyan at a briefing with reporters on December 21.

– We are guided by the plan, but from time to time, when the situation is tense, we do some adjustments. As for the readiness of our army, it is proved on the front line, – said the Minister.

According to Hakobyan, Armenian side continues to worry about incessant bellicose statements of Azerbaijan and its arming, but that does not mean that there is any frustration because appropriate measures against the enemy are being implemented. “I think that our army gloriously fulfilled its obligations. Planned activities for the year were carried out. Unplanned events have been implemented which were conditioned by a certain tension on the front line. We have strengthen both the front line and preparation of servicemen”.

According to NKR AoD Commander, the Karakagh problem has been already resolved, during the time the enemy will be forced to be aware of that fact, when in Azerbaijan they will sober up and give a correct assessment of reality.


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