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On the order of Defense Minister Seyran Ohanyan under the aegis of the Public Council by the Defense Minister, a special Commission is formed to consider applications and complaints of the citizens. Defense Minister’s Advisor, Chairman of Public Council Gegham Harutyunyan is appointed as Head of the Commission.

Number of applications increases from one call-up to another. If in the beginning of its activity (Autumn, 2009) the Commission discussed 48 applications, then during the summer call-up of 2014 the Commission got 316 applications and complaints. 96,2% of them are related to the issue of health examination of conscripts.

On the basis of the Commission’s applications on health problems, 46 recruits received a reprieve, 18 were declared unfit for service in peacetime and recorded in the reserve. “There will be no application without response”, – assured Gegham Harutyunyan.

2/3 of applications are from the regions of the republic. During the previous call-up from 45 operating military offices in 43 statements were obtained from the registered conscripts.

“In the call-up process citizens’ legitimate interests and rights must be protected”, – emphasizes the Head.

Very important thing in the work of the Commission is transparency and publicity of activities. The Commission attaches great importance to the base of the documents, it must be complete. The Commission not only investigates issues and gives them a solution, but in the process has the opportunity to observe phenomena and questions, which are specific for the call-up, and summarize them. “By working together, many issues related to the call-up, already are out of the agenda, in particular, the provision of recruit acts for health investigation, copies of documents by military offices. Before, there were a lot of complaints, often we were forced to intervene, but this is now no longer necessary”, – said G. Harutyunyan.

40% of complaints related to the health of conscripts, is addressed to the Commission, which indicates the efficiency as well as an increase in public confidence in the structure.


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