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It is a month that Armenian peacekeepers’ unit composed of Italian corps participates in the UNIFIL mission (UN Interim Forces in Lebanon) under the aegis of UN.
Interview with peacekeepers’ regiment Commander, Major General Arthur Simonyan.

“And at this time they will also be pleased by us. During these years we proved that we are a trusted partner” – Arthur Simonyan

– November 26 is a memorable day for the Armenian peacekeepers. Since that day we perform under the UN flag, though more than 10 years we implement peacekeepers’ mission, also for the first time we go to this region. Lebanon is the Middle East which is in the zone of interests of the external security of Armenia. That’s why with our service in UNIFIL we also contribute to ensuring the external security of the Republic of Armenia.

Military Base Shama is in the southwestern part of the country, on the coast. It is small compared to, for example, Mazar-e Sharif in Afghanistan, but our functions are almost the same – protection of the external border line and the checkpoint. For the time being we do not implement mission out of military base

– In the unit in Lebanon 32 soldiers are included. How do you select them?

– Preference is given to those experienced soldiers who have served in Afghanistan, stood out during the different missions. By the way, at the farewell ceremony of peacekeepers Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of Italy to Armenia Giovanni Richulli was also present. During the mission, human relationships, the ability to understand each other, finding of common ground is very important. I think, in this respect, our guys will have no problems. Probably you know that the Germans are very generous with praise. But even if being a part of such a strict, disciplined corps, as the German one, we stood out, have received praise, that means the Italians will also be happy with us. Over the years we have proven that we are a trusted partner.


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