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To live in the world, to change something for the better. To say a good word to somebody, to comfort the pain of someone, to live after all, to inspire by my own example the desperate.
To live to tell someone – DO NOT GIVE UP!

Sitting in front of me Captain Sargis Stepanyan said that the power of a man is not in his hands and feet, but here … and by his only hand points to his heart.

– I love the strong. Always loved. I love those people who say – who, if not I? Those who do not run away from the dangers, do not hide behind the others… I love winners! And the greatest victory is the victory over yourself, over your own fear.

– What drives people to sacrifice? What can be stronger than the desire to live?

– To live nicely… Even to die nicely… We all want to be unique. Want to feel ourselves strong and free. I was a weightlifter, I am master of sports. 113 times I jumped with parachute. When you fall free at a speed of 40 m/sec, life moves in another dimension where blurs the line of strength and freedom, it is 15 seconds of incredible pleasure!

– What does the life mean for 31-year-old man who lives next door to the death?

– Even during the most credible threat you do not think about death. When the mine exploded, and I realized that my hands and my feet are no more, when I lost 3,5l blood and felt that I am about to lose consciousness, I didn’t say goodbye to life, I was thinking about how to survive. But there is one thing: when the danger is always there, when the risk is a part of your every day activities, probably unconsciously every day of your life you consider a godsend, and you want to live well, you want to catch a lot.

I will not give up. After this incident 4,5 months have passed, but I already walk. Soon I’ll go to my service. I have a dream, no – a goal! I’ll fly with a parachute. On the ground I can not land, but I’ll land on the Lake Sevan, on the water. Climbing also I will not give up.


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