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A week later, sergeants’ personnel of military units of the armed forces will be staffed by newcomers. According to the plan of combat training of the Armed Forces of Armenia in the framework of summer training stage in the military unit under the command of Colonel A.Petrosyan, on 8-13 December exams for officers were conducted.

Future junior officers are taught different subjects – theoretical and practical. After passing exams successfully and receiving the title, they start the service in different military units.

Particularly squad commanders’ work is complex, as they in turn prepare the future squad leaders, and here it is important not only to the transfer of knowledge and experience, as well as his own example.

The courses prepare professionals of tanks, artillery, etc. In each case study is organized, given the need for specifics of this specialization.

According to the Acting Deputy Commander of work with the staff Major Vrezh Hovhannisyan, in total junior commanders’ courses have been passed very organized, good results have been recorded in comparison with previous years.


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