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Interview with Major Erick Aghasyan, psychologist-officer of NKR AoD regiment under the command of Colonel Edward Asryan.

– During decades in our society the psychology is considered as a perspective science, which has a future, however it can not assert itself. This is the second military unit where I work (serve) as a psychologist and I can say that the sons “break” conservative mentality of their fathers. They are freer, braver. Today our soldiers seek not only the assistance of a psychologist, but also willing to long-term cooperation, if only to get rid of complexes and to perform service. So a lot of work, psychological help is needed by both soldiers and officers, and psychological problem is not always related to the complexity of the service. In the end, people can and without recourse to a psychologist do their duty, but they do not hide their problems, and in my opinion, that is an expression of consciousness, high culture.

To choose sergeants we conduct a separate test on leadership, and represent the selected ones to the command. The same we do with the recruits who have problems with health (under the relevant articles), and if the test data seem convincing, we take these soldiers under special control, and on our proposal the command exempts them from duty and combat duty.

Lt. Colonel

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