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Recently Armenian-Polish first joint military-industrial enterprise “Lyubava-Armenia” has been opened in Armenia.

Armenian-Polish cooperation started in November 2009 with the visit of Poland Defense Minister Bogdan Klich to Armenia. In September 2010 RA MoD delegation participated in the military-industrial exhibition in the Polish city of Kielce, and in October, during the exhibition DEFENSYS 2010 in Greece a Memorandum of understanding was signed between the Armenian and Polish parties.

The studies considered promising the creation of “Lyubava-Armenia” company. It is based on a machine tool plant. Founders – industrial group “Lyubava” and the Republic of Armenia represented by the Ministry of Defense. The company received state registration, preparation of production is organized, project estimates are made, and then also the repair work, cadres are chosen who have been retrained in Poland.

With a view to a detailed presentation of the products of the joint venture, on April 30, 2013 on the territory of the 5th Army Corps a presentation of product range was organized, after which the samples were transferred to the Armenian side for the organization of the army testing. Tents, usual and medical backpacks, camouflage nets, tactical gear, helmets, protective clothing and masks, and other samples were transferred to our servicemen.

According to preliminary estimates, if produced in Armenia the price of any product can be reduced by 10-30%.

Promising areas of cooperation are: the co-production of eye-safe mono-impulse and frequency laser range finders, together with the Polish “Industrial optics center” and Armenian specialized companies; acquisition of systems with thermo-visual device, modernization of night vision devices and the sight of tanks, infantry fighting vehicles, armored cars, etc.


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