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“I was shocked with the massacres of Yezids in Iraq. I’m glad that our government and people support these people.
Dear Editor, please clarify: are Kurds and Yezids the same nation?

Jr. Sergeant M.Baghdasaryan

Our newspaper has repeatedly appealed to the unique culture and religion of the Yezidis, and soon we are going to come up with an extensive scientific and popular articles.

Here we introduce the message of the agency “Yazidi-press” about the political situation in Iraqi Kurdistan, where you, Jr.Sergeant Bagdasarian, will find the answer to your question.

Recently emir of Sheikhan, leader of the world Yezidis Mir Tahsin Beg in an interview with Arabic television channel “Al Arabiya”, stated publicly that the Yezidi it is both – a religion, and a nation. He particularly said: “Iraq is our state, but we, Yezidis can’t return there any more and live in our native land, if, under the auspices of the United Nations, a special area for the Yezidis, Christians, Shabaks and other minorities will not be created.

Escape of Peshmargans (Kurdish armed forces) from the battlefield significantly harmed Shangal and generally all the Yezidis. Shangal was under their control, and the responsibility falls on their shoulders. Today, no one, including the Kurds, can not represent the interests of our people. This can do only Yezidi people, and only they can defend themselves. I am their Emir and I am with my people, the people who must find their way of self-determination”.

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