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Interview with Professor Garnick Asatryan

Recently, the radio “Voice of TALYSHSTAN” which broadcasts from Shoushi, celebrated the anniversary of its first transmission, and soon the TV channel “National Television of TALYSHSTAN” will be aired.

– We had originally planned by all means to pursue the interests of indigenous peoples of south-eastern Caucasus deprived of state, to preserve their culture, language, national identity and strengthen ethnic gene pool and we consistently implement our plans in this direction. Thanks to radio broadcasts, impetus was given to the process of establishing and strengthening national identity of the Talysh: within the Talysh extensive national discourse was formed, which led to the creation of the Talysh socio-political and cultural new organizations. In Talish intellectual circles (both in Talyshstan – in Azerbaijan and in the diaspora) an interested position has been clearly formed towards their own culture and language. Even in the villages with Talysh people the stereotype of Armenian-enemy – the fruit of the official propaganda of Azerbaijan – has been ebbed. The radio station has contributed significantly to improve the level of maturity of the national movement of these people. I should also add that the “Voice of TALYSHSTAN” awakened consciousness of another large minority of Azerbaijan – Tats, the best evidence of this is the recently created “Shirvan Liberation Front.”

TV channel “Tolyshston Milli Televisia” – “National Television of TALYSHSTAN” yet will broadcast one hour a day on the internet. TV – it’s a different level, a different quality, a different format. We were able to prepare a strong creative team of professionals – specialists on Talysh, Tat, Iran, Azerbaijan, and I’m confident they’ll implement programs arising from the humanistic traditions of our people.

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