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It is autumn, leaves fall down. However I speak about political late autumn of Azerbaijan. The same think also the intellectuals and political analysts of Baku stating that the end of this state structure approaches. And many of them predict severe political winter. They understand the inevitability of state structure’s change and try to pass the reality to people.

Part of Azeri analysts see their salvation in the rapid disintegration of the Russian Federation. E.g. political analyst Fahrad Mehdiyev, who was in Moscow recently, returned with good news for his people “about rising indignation of Russian people”, that West sanctions have collapsed Russia’s economy, and as an argument he brings the absence of Dutch cheese in shops… Absurd!

Openly unfriendly position has Habib Allahverdiev chairman of National recovery movement party of Azerbaijan. As “terrorism-sponsoring” countries he mentions Iran, Armenia and Russia. The only way to stability and peace in the region he mentions the political, economic and military unification of Turkic states.

Dilavar Azimli, researcher from the Azerbaijan National Academy presupposes that “Russia would be divided, but when? I don’t know. The main thing is that the NATO armed forces are in the Balkans and East Europe”.

We can present more quotes, however this is enough to understand that Azerbaijan does everything to save itself. This comes to prove our point of view that the late autumn will be followed with severe political winter in Azerbaijan. So I’ll advise them to follow more often to the meteo-broadcasts.

Leader of Talysh national movement, Speaker of Talysh-Mughan Republic’s Parliament

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