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Still are fresh the impressions of those days when we all were celebrating the victory of our tankers in international competition “Tank biathlon – 2014.” Empower was really limitless. All talked about them. It seems that during this time much is written about our boys who participated in the competition, however, I think that they deserve it. They are worthy not only because of the fact that they won the newest type of tank, but especially for the fact that with their victory, they sent a simple but at the same time a powerful message.

Firstly, our team was the only one in which there were military of compulsory service, mostly young men who had not yet turned 20 years. They competed with other teams, members of which were mainly contract servicemen, who were presenting states which are very powerful in military terms.

And we won. Our guys showed the power of the RA Armed Forces, the effectiveness of training. The guys have proven that military capabilities are in our blood, and the glory of the Armenian army, as one of the strongest armies in the region, is not accidental. Both participants and observers from over 20 countries mentioned this fact.

This victory was also important for our society. Ordinary man will just feel more confident and secure, will trust our armed forces after soldiers of his country in a situation close to the battleship, on an equal footing is competing with the military of a state having enormous financial opportunities, and wins.

October 8 – Tanker Day. On the occasion of the holiday we congratulate all tankers of RA.


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