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Lieutenant Colonel Arthur Kirakosyan is one of the first graduates of the Military Institute after Vazgen Sargsyan. As people say, like his five fingers he knows all the abilities of the tank, its strengths and weaknesses.

Recently one of the tank crews of the regiment was named the best crew of the military unit and will participate in the All-Army Tank competition, which is held in the armed forces of Armenia. According to the commander, the guys have great professional, physical and psychological preparation (which is the most important), and, of course, we expect them to win prizes.

From the ensigns on their uniforms we can assume that the guys know their work. They are: tank commander Junior Sergeant Davit Barseghian, operator-gunner Pavel Hovhannisyan, driver-mechanic Robert Badalyan.

– I serve already 22 months, – says tank commander Davit. – I got ensigns during unannounced inspections when I was the assistant of the on duty of the military unit, for the excellent performance of my duties, as well as for the recognition of the best tank commander. After the completion of compulsory service I will continue to serve, I can not tear myself away from the tank. It does not matter – in which military unit I’ll serve, if only every day I am with this powerful military equipment.

Me, as deputy commander of the tank platoon, I am responsible for the whole platoon. It all depends on the commander – both the direction of running and fire. It is needed to exercise a lot, so that you can draw a clear line of fire, select landmarks, determine the possible location of the enemy and on their basis – the direction of the fire.

Arsen Aghekyan

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