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Sr. Lieutenant Vaheh Ispiryan “warned” that he’ll come to our editor to refute widespread false belief about his regiment. He is the commander of platoon and exercises military duty in the regiment “Deer”.

– I loved my regiment from the very first day. I was received with open arms by the officers who served here, as if they knew me for a long time… I immediately sensed something familiar. The first few minutes are very important for all the officers who are sent to a new regiment, and even more so – for beginners.

I love my regiment since I love and respect each soldier and officer, I’m proud of them. And how not to be proud of, if every day they walk long distances to reach the place of duty-change or of the service of communication link. They serve “under the nose” of the enemy, ignoring the difficulties and hardships.

I love my regiment since I’ve been appreciated here, and I have also learned to appreciate others, I realized what is true friendship, service. There is nothing here to share, but respect and love.

Maybe my peers (I am 25) will read and not understand why I’m so in love with my work, my military career, when the world is so beautiful, full of pleasure… After a year my contract expires. Without a doubt I will prolong it, but on one condition, that I should continue to serve here in “Deer” … I’ve found my place, my corner of our powerful army.

Shoushan Stepanyan

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