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The final volume of the monumental work of Doctor of Technical Sciences, Member of the Russian Academy of Military Sciences Arcadiy Yeremovich Sargsyan is coming soon. About intellectual potential and high professional qualifications of the author eloquently speak published by him more than 240 scientific papers and 10 monographs.

But apart are his two unique monographs – the result of fundamental research, and to them, in my opinion, there is certainly nothing equal. They are: “Intelligence and counterintelligence: Armenian trace” in 3 volumes, and “The Armenian military scientists, designers, production managers and testers of 20th cent.” in 4 volumes. Here for the first time information is collected and systematized about the Armenians, who in the 20th century successfully linked their lives with intelligence and counterintelligence services of the USSR, have achieved in this area spectacular success and about those creative people of MIC USSR, their deeds and achievements, who, owing to innovative approaches, have created outstanding models of weapons and military equipment. The monographs are illustrated with more than 250 unique photographs, which are mostly published by the first time and perfectly complement the text material. This is a deeply analytical work done at a high factual level.

Preface to these monographs are written by such famous people as the legendary spy, Hero of Soviet Union G.A.Vartanyan and only woman scout-illegal who was awarded the Order of the “Red Flag” G.L.Vartanyan, former first Deputy Chief of the Strategic Missile Forces, USSR Deputy Minister of Defense, Dr. of technical sciences, Professor, State Award holder, Army General Yu.A.Yashin, RAS academician, Lenin Prize holder E.N.Avrorin…

Monographs are of high professional level, have specific style of presentation, bright, straightforward language and historical authenticity.

Michael Haroutyunyan
Colonel General

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