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How the Azerbaijani Republic authorities “respect” the rights of indigenous peoples? According to various calculations, now AR is home to about 2,5 million Talyshs (officially – 112 thousand), about 1 million Lezgins (officially – 180 300), about 400 thousand Avars (officially – 49800), etc.

Let’s draw attention to a few facts of recent history. So, in 1993 the Talysh first raised their national flag and proclaimed their autonomy (as part of the AR!). The corresponding decree of the Talish-Mugan Autonomous Republic’s National Majlis, adopted at the first meeting of the NM on August 7, 1993, was sent to AR Parliament, where it still lies. In response to such a move of Talysh people the AR authorities violently suppressed the new republic. Dozens of representatives of the Talysh intellectuals were killed, some were thrown into prison of Azerbaijan’s Ministry if National Security.

In fact, the same “experience” also experienced the Lezgins and Avars. During the years of independence of the Azerbaijani Republic part of the progressive intellectuals of these peoples was systematically destroyed, and the other part was forced to emigrate from the country.

Today in Azerbaijan there is no political party and organization representing the interests of indigenous peoples. For example, the country’s authorities flatly refuse to register a completely innocuous Talysh organization called “Azeri-Talysh Union”. One of the editors of the only irregular Talysh language newspaper – N.Mamedov was killed in prison, and his successor, G. Mamedov is “sitting”.

… And, as a result, the second question: with this kind of “respect” of the rights of the peoples how the Azerbaijani authorities may indicate that the alleged “self-determination of peoples can not be based on aggression, occupation and bloody ethnic cleansing, and can not be carried out without the consent of the central government “? After all, these people have no other way but to seek redress by force.

Fahraddin Aboszoda

Category: #38 (1056) 2.10.2014 – 8.10.2014, Spotlight, Military-Political