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Regular readers of “Hay Zinvor” were pleasantly surprised by a photograph of a young mother of two soldiers from Vanadzor Karineh Qocharyan, on whose head was a wreath of wildflowers. The photo was on the cover of the previous issue of our newspaper, and at the bottom – her words: “… Oh, how I love my state KING-MOTHER!”

As one of the readers of our FB-page housewife Khachatryan wrote, in the picture and inscription the best qualities of Armenian women – fortitude, courage and devotion – are concentrated.

And it is not by chance that this page for a few days had more than 4000 hits, a lot of likes and comments.

And some of our readers, who liked our page under the heading “Mother-Homeland”, offered their own versions: – King-mother, Armenian queen, Mother who gives birth to lions, Tenderness and strength of Armenian woman…

What can I say? All labels are worthy of Karineh and our those mothers who sent their sons to defend the homeland and are confident that the Armenian woman has no higher title than to be the mother of defender of the motherland.

“Hay Zinvor”

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