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Interview with culture expert, writer, columnist Ruben Angaladyan

In the interview assessment is given to the work of the Armenian media in the days of enemy’s adventurous invasions in early August, as well as future action between the army and the press is discussed.

– What was the reaction of our media in those tensed August days?

– I must say – in accordance with a confident, professional attitude of our armed forces, brave and valiant behavior of soldiers… Although I must say that those days in the behavior of our media a sensual attitude and arguments were dominated, but it should be like that, there was anxiety, excitement, pride, events at the border could not leave anyone indifferent in our society…

Those tensed August days showed the most important thing – 20 years of the ceasefire regime had not lost the ability of people to feel clearly the danger, showed the real threat.

Those people who yesterday pretended “blind” or, summarizing private vulnerable and perverse cases, did not want to see the power of our armed forces, they were glad, sincerely were delighted that the country’s borders are protected, that the army is strong, and the commanders are knowledgeable, skillful and brave… We all saw and understood that if the Minister of Defence of the Republic of Armenia says, “The situation is under control of the Armenian army,” it means the border is closed to the enemy.

And now our media got to the other extreme – with ardent enthusiasm speaks only about the success of the army.

– What should be the goal of our media?

– The media now needs to go into its normal, move on to the issues of strength of the army and the state, the army building, border security… Now the media should soberly analyze the events of those anxious days, identify omissions, errors, if any, for the sake of tomorrow’s more powerful army, in the name of tomorrow’s minimum losses, for the sake of the future security of the country, in the name of our army… The press has to be more practical and impartial in criticism of the army, to be more compassionate, that is evidence of maturity both of our army and our media. This is the task of the press in the time of relative peace.

Our army’s victory was not by chance, that was a natural phenomenon, regularity, so we have to figure it out all the time and do not be surprised by our courage, all the time should not admire the courage of our soldiers.
Our media should not repeat the style of Azerbaijanis, that is the style of the defeated side, and must abandon the “pleasure” to humiliate, offend the enemy, his soldier, authorities. This behavior does not fit the victorious country… After the war and the victory we should be in the position of the winner: decent, generous and forgiving.

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